Honesty, integrity and a “can do” attitude are the hallmarks upon which Management Connections was built, and under which it continues to operate

We specialize in saving you time and money

Management Connections supplies skilled personnel who have been carefully tested, interviewed, and screened to meet your exact requirements. Through our extensive search network, we find experienced candidates. You will be able to select the right employee without the interruptions, rush, and costs normally associated with a new hire.

At Management Connections, we know your time is valuable and hiring new employees can be both time-consuming and stressful.

Next time you need to hire a new employee, either on a temporary basis or as an addition to staff, let our professional team help maintain your current staff’s productivity by reducing workday interruptions.

Not only will Management Connections handle all recruitment advertising and advertising costs, every candidate will be personally interviewed and pre-screened in our office prior to being presented for consideration. This will allow you to then schedule interviews at your convenience with applicants who best meet your requirements..

Hiring Options

Contract Staffing

Seamlessly fulfill both short and long-term temporary positions with Management Connections. As an employee under our care, enjoy hassle-free payroll management and responsibilities. Receive hourly payment and weekly paychecks, with our clients receiving straightforward weekly invoices.

Contract-to-Direct Placement

Let us scout, reference-check, and pre-screen candidates that align with your job criteria. Once a perfect match is confirmed, effortlessly transition the employee to your regular payroll and benefits plan through our contract-to-direct fee schedule.

Direct Hire

Tap into our extensive candidate network for permanent hires. Personally interview and hire candidates who effortlessly become part of your payroll. Our contingency-based model means fees are incurred only when successfully securing a qualified candidate, based on the employee’s starting salary or annual compensation.

Payrolling Solutions

Assess potential candidates without immediate payroll commitments. The selected individual, screened and supplied by you, joins Management Connections’ payroll. If later transitioning to a direct hire, the candidate effortlessly shifts from our payroll to yours, with no additional fees incurred.

Executive Recruiting

It’s not easy to find good talent. Our Executive Search process can help. We work with employers and those seeking jobs, offering a full range of professional services for even the most demanding placements.

We recruit top professionals from every industry who demand the best from the executive search process. In most cases, the most qualified professionals are already working and find little to no time to search on their own time.

Because Management Connections works as a liaison for many exceptional professionals, we can connect you with candidates you won’t find through the conventional process.